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"I have been a marketing consultant for decades but finally reached a point where I hit a plateau. I lost a lot of my business due to the Pandemic and didn’t know how to elevate the remaining business I had.  I had never considered coaching to help become unstuck and never really understood the power of coaching. I started working with Karen and couldn’t believe that having an open space to process thoughts and work through exercises would change my mindset and help me create the space in my mind for new big-picture ideas to come through. She then helped me work through those new ideas to bring them to reality. The end result was a new company and a 20% increase in revenue from my highest point before I plateaued!"



Karen’s coaching gave me so many “aha” moments. I realized I was ignoring the beauty of my strengths because I had told myself they weren’t salient to my profession. Karen helped me see not only how my strengths were already at play in my work, but also how illuminating them could make me feel more confident every day, in work and in life. By leaning into my strengths, I could finally show the world - and myself - that I could do anything!



Karen is beyond fantastic. She has the unique ability tot being a calm and empathetic presence, while also being honest and candid. She is an expert in her field, extremely intelligent and knowledgeable of industry trends. She prides herself on constant improvement and reevaluation, which helps clients likes me, feel confident in her guidance. She listens wholeheartedly, asks thought-provoking questions and acts as a true partner in helping you find a path that works best for you.  She helped me to look at my situation from a different perspective and we, together, decided on a plan to success. I cannot recommend her enough.


I come from a culture and upbringing where coaching and counseling are viewed with skepticism, so I had two challenges; believing that coaching could work and keeping an open mind to allow it work. Karen has been coaching me through weight loss struggles, burnout and emotion/brain rewiring in general. Although I remain a work in progress, the huge strides I have made are because of the work she has done with me. I lost 35 lbs. in the year where we started coaching and have managed to keep off 30 lbs., and quickly pivot to get myself back to the 35 through awareness not through guilt. She helped me through some really tough times with a loss over COVID, without judgement and I feel like she may have saved my life! We continue to work through my strengths  evaluation and calibration and a lot on "burnout" and I am grateful she is in my corner and I appreciate feeling safe that she is also in my back pocket. I can't sing enough praises for all of the "ah-ha" moments she has uncovered for me and with me. I recommend Karen. She is caring, she is efficient and she is effective.

— Patty

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